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Welcome to Bethany UMC!

Bethany UMC Mission Statement

Welcome to Pastor, Rev. Dan Breznau!


Welcome to Bethany United Methodist!

Some years ago, a friend of mine had an audience with the Pope. During their conversation my friend was deeply impressed with the idea that each of us has a unique story, a story that God is writing through us. As, I believe it is also true of each person reading this has his or her own story to tell, I hope that at some point you will share yours with me as well.

I spent my early years being raised in Detroit, Michigan. It was a tumultuous time. Race issues boiled over into riots, the Vietnam War was a deepening wound in our country and the “God was dead” movement was gaining momentum. In addition, faith in the leadership of our country was increasingly being eroded, along with the idea of a traditional family. It was out of this cauldron that I began very early to ask questions about God and the authenticity of the Christian community. In contrast, was my parents’ modeling fidelity, love for truth, as well as a strong work ethic. I needed to find a path for myself amidst the conflicting values around me.

And so I began my journey to find some answers. It took me across our country to all but two of the states. I have held a diversity of jobs in construction, healthcare, restaurant, retail, and publishing areas. In addition, I was the proprietor of a small furniture manufacture facility.   However, my journey has continually led me back to the church, where I have held various positions of service.

What I have found is that it has been among “regular” folk that faith often seemed to be most real.   Perhaps it is due to the fact that one’s daily existence is often hanging on a thread. Opportunities to see God provide in various ways come to the forefront. This is in keeping with early Methodists, who regularly asked the question about God’s action in their life as well as in the lives of their local community. It my hope that we too will share in the rich experience of God in our midst as we come together to pray, laugh, work, and celebrate God’s ongoing movement in our lives.

Blessings, Pastor Dan


Pastor Dan's Office Hours:

  • Wednesday & Friday, 10am-2pm
  • Cell Phone 509-670-4694 


Bethany UMC is a neighborhood church that feels like a family, and looks like a church! We practice the United Methodist slogan -
"Open hearts, Open doors, Open minds".

You will be warmly welcomed here whether you come with toddlers or by yourself. In this church you have permission to laugh! We have a thriving food bank that serves our community, along with other Programs & Activities of interest.

Recently, we have installed a new sound system along with two large video monitors to aid in worship and singing hymns.

Bethany United Methodist Church is celebrating our 115th year anniversary in 2019. We have a long history serving the community going back to 1904.
Please check our History page for more information.

We want to personally invite you to our
Sunday Worship Service that begins at 11:00AM.

We are located one block south of south 56th street on Park Ave. in Tacoma, Washington. A Safeway store is 1 block north.
Our address is 5634 South Park Ave., Tacoma, WA 98408.
  We have curb-side parking in front of the church along with two small parking lots in the rear.

For you Security, we have installed Security Cameras that record the activity around the church. This is both to protect you and our staff and helps insure that you have a safe and pleasant visit.

Our Office Phone number is 253-475-7098.
Office email is:

**Click HERE for a map to Bethany UMC**

Here are a few things to help you during the worship service: 

We welcome children at the worship service. If at any time you would feel more comfortable if your little ones were in the nursery, an usher would be glad to direct you.

We do have some people here with allergies, so the next time you come, we request that you refrain from wearing fragrances.

Although our building appears very large from the outside, the sanctuary is surprisingly modest by today's standards and thus projects a more intimate feeling with your fellow attendees.

You may enter either from the front or through the right side double glass doors and walk up one flight of stairs. We also have a wheelchair ramp accessible from the left rear (south) parking area.

The rear of the building hosts many meeting rooms and offices as well as our Children's Nursery, and Friendship Room where we meet after every Sunday service for food and refreshments.
Please join us!

Come join your voice and talents to ours.
Make worship a joyful noise unto the Lord!





Cell: 509-670-4694

  Rev. Dan Breznau


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